HHVM commits for the week ending 2016-02-12

Most of the commits this week were spent cleaning up and refactoring the code base. Very important to do, but makes for a rather short highlights reel.

Though, 3.12.0 was tagged! There’ll probably be an official release announcement on the HHVM blog soon. You can get a feel for what’ll be included in that release by my summaries for the period between 3.11 being cut and 3.12 being cut. Those posts are:

There’ll be a couple of changes that were cherry-picked in that were committed after 3.12 was cut as well as some overlap in periods, since the cut dates and when I end the weeks don’t line up exactly. Were pretty close though.

Summaries of the commits for previous weeks can be found in the category’s archives.

Highlights for the week ending 2016-02-12

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